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A safe is intended to prevent loss or damage of valuables as a result of theft, fire or vandalism. Curt's Lock & Key supplies a variety of safes that fit your needs for home and business.  Contact us for home, gun, and business safes.

Home safes are either classified for fire or burglar protection, with some offering dual rating for fire and burglary.  The safe you choose is dependent on what you intend to put in the safe.

 Amsec Safe

The level of burglar protection needed is determined by the contents you are protecting and their value.  If you are protecting precious valuables there is the threat of professional burglars that are armed with the experience, skills and tools to break into safes.  Remember anything valuable is at risk whether it is a crime of opportunity from dishonest household help or a neighborhood burglar that breaks in when you are away.   Keep anything valuable locked in a safe.

The fire protection rating is based on how long the safe can withstand heat and at what temperature.  The average house fire burns at a temperature of 1200° F and paper chars at 450° F.  A fire safe maintains the interior temperature of the safe below 350° F for either one- half  hour, one hour, or two hours.

Gun safes are important to safeguard a valuable gun collection and to keep children safe from unintentional harm.   Gun safes are spacious, but they are not designed to protect paper documents even if they have a fire protection liner.   You can store guns, camera equipment, binoculars, and the like in a gun safe.   Note it is not recommended to store ammunition in the same safe as your guns.

Business safes are classified by their purpose.  Their purpose may be for burglar, fire, depository, media protection, or a combination thereof.


A business burglar rated safe is intended to be mounted to the floor.  The safe that is right for each business is dependent upon insurance requirements and the contents it is intended to protect.  Burglar safes are designed to protect such items as cash, important paper documents, jewelry or expensive assets.  Burglary protection features include wall thickness, relocking devices, hardened plates, pry resistance, and dual locking devices.  

A business fire rated safe is important to protect vital business documents.  As mentioned above, because paper chars at 450° F  a fire safe maintains the interior temperature of the safe at 350° F for either one-half hour, one hour, or two hours depending upon their rating.

Depository safes allow for deposits into a safe while the safe remains locked.   The depository safe has either a top load rotary hopper or a front load door.  


This option is ideal for cashiers to skim a cash drawer of excess cash during their shift, or a church collection bag at the end of service.

A depository safe should be mounted to the floor but typically does not provide sufficient burglary protection for overnight cash storage.

Media safes have inner liners that protect computer media, microfilm, photographic film, video tapes from fire.  These types of mixed media are sensitive to heat and require greater fire protection.

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